“Firefighters are hired to take calculated risks… (there) are some safety risks that are only taken because of ignorance, or lack of training which amounts to the same thing.”

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by TIMOTHY HOLLIMAN - Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 9:24 AM

Recruit Class schedule 1502

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Awesome Job!
by Admin User - Friday, 8 May 2015, 4:57 PM

Awesome Job GFD! 

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GFD in the News
by Admin User - Tuesday, 3 March 2015, 10:28 AM

Haz-mat / Vehicle Accident 

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GFD Fire
by Admin User - Saturday, 17 January 2015, 7:41 AM

GFD Fire

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Mandatory Attendance at Advanced Life Support Run Review Sessions
by Admin User - Monday, 12 January 2015, 8:23 AM

All Paramedics who function under the Jurisdictional Medical Control Authority of American Medical Response, South Mississippi are required to attend and participate in the bi-monthly ALS Run Review sessions which will be held at the Headquarters of American Medical Response at 12020 Intraplex ...

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Pipeline Safety
by Admin User - Friday, 5 September 2014, 1:51 PM

Please review the following pipeline safety information. 

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